What we do


What We Do

Research to acquire the Welding Consumables Know How to produce a new product is a complex, time-consuming and costly task. Achieving the formulation is possible after performing theoretical calculations by performing practical tests.


Also to achieve the type of material and its exact amount, You need sufficient knowledge and ability to solve the complex issues in sciences like metallurgy, chemistry, physic, thermodynamics and understanding the Equations and reactions in fields such as slag and melt reactions, phase diagrams, heat transfer reactions, Chemical sweep reactions, Calculations of the presence of elements in the weld metal .also you need Computer modeling to predict the final result. It is necessary to do multiple tests so Laboratory equipment and test machines are also required.


It is also important to know the exact specifications of the powders used in the formula.if there is no information on the exact specifications of the raw material, it is not possible to produce a high-quality product. In addition to this knowledge, proper production instruction is essential due to achieve considerable results.


WESPEC team with this knowledge and years of experience in Welding Consumables Manufacturing, eliminates the above steps for you to achieve a quality product.

We have summarized our services as follows:

Know How

Aknow-how:  Technical know-how in the production of all kinds of welding consumables including : coated electrodes, sub-arc welding fluxes, welding wires including GMAW & FCAW &  SAW ,Electro slag consumables, Cutting and Grinding wheels.


Technical know-how includes:


1- Raw materials specifications for production of listed products ( spec of powders, binders, wires etc)

Powder Specification for Welding Consumables Manufacturing
Wire Specification for Welding Consumables Manufacturing
Binder Specification for Welding Consumables Manufacturing

2- Formulation of dry and wet mix of Covered electrodes & Saw fluxes & Cutting and Grinding wheel

Formula of Dry and Wet Mix for Welding Consumables Manufacturing

3- Production-Instruction of Covered electrodes, welding wires , Saw fluxes, Electro slag , Grinding and Cutting wheel(see  Technical part).


4- Recommendation to provide the appropriate raw materials sources based on related spec.


5- Recommendation for purchasing the best manufacturing machinery based on requirements.

Project Management

BProject Management:  Ability to fully implement a manufacturing plant project includes:


1- Factory design and construction(land and buildings)

2- Power requirements (electrical ,gas ,water)

3- Determine the machine needed and design of plant lay out

4- Specify laboratory equipment required or outsourced tests

5- Specify the equipment needed to carry

6- Man power requirements

Project Management is the Key Factor to Produce the Quality Product

Quality Management System

CQMS:  Ability to establish a quality management system ISO9001-2015 in welding products manufacture company:


1- Develop instructions for all units in the organization

2- Develop quality indicators in all units in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 rules

3- ISO system audit and assurance of improved organization performance across units

Perform ISO by WESPEC in your Company


WESPEC Activity On Welding Consumables Know How Can Be Summarized At This Flowchart

General Flow Chart of WESPEC