Who we are

We are a team of experts with more than 40 years of experience in welding consumables manufacturing. Our expertise accompanies you in the process of producing welding consumables from A to Z.

Production of high quality welding consumables is a very sensitive and Science-based process such as Metallurgy – Chemistry – Mechanic. Due to the sensitivity of the parts made by the welding process, specialists have always paid special attention to the science of welding and this method is considered as a special process in all quality management system.

For an individual with a little knowledge in this area, it may be a simple coated electrode or flux which is consisted of dry paste, however from the scientific point, to produce these products, wide ranges of sciences have been taken into account.

WESPEC team with extensive knowledge of each part of this puzzle will help you to produce the best quality product.

Welding methods have various branches. The specialized branch of the WESPEC is shown in the figure. The final quality of the product and its adjustment with the relevant standards will be guaranteed by us.

WESPEC in Welding Industry

WESPEC Field of Work