Ready Mixed Fluxes

Ready Mixed Fluxes:

We can provide you pre mix fluxes for manufacturing many types of welding consumables include covered electrodes, sub arc fluxes , flux cored arc welding wires.The sale of these products will be in the form of transfer of technical knowledge to produce the final product.

Raw Materials Transferring for Manufacturing of Welding Consumables

Covered Electrodes:

1- Pre mix of Covered Electrodes (Single & Double Coated).(see more)


2- Pre mix of  Submerged Arc Welding Flux.(see more)


3- Pre mix of  Flux Cored Arc Welding.(see more)

Sub Arc Fluxes:

We can provide pre mix powder for manufacturing agglomerated sub arc fluxes.(see more)

Flux Cored Arc Welding Wire

Pre mix for flux cored arc welding wires as per equivalent standards.(see more)