Implementation & Project Management :

From A to Z Project management in the production of welding Consumables:


1- Covered Electrodes (Single & Double Coat)

2- Submerged Arc Welding Fluxes

3- Flux Cored Arc Welding Wires

4- GMAW & GTAW & SAW Wires

5- Grinding & Cutting Wheel


The WESPEC project management system can be summarized as WESPEC pyramid:


This process can be described as below too:


  • Factory design and construction (land and buildings)
  • Power requirements (electrical ,gas ,water)
  • Determine the machine needed and design of plant lay out.
  • Specify laboratory equipment required (or outsourced tests)
  • Specify the equipment needed to carry.
  • Purchase required raw materials according to spec from approved suppliers
  • Man power requirement
  • Installation of machinery and production according to technical knowledge
  • Implementation of the quality control system from the beginning of the process to delivery
  • Perform relevant tests on the finished product to ensure results in optimum range.