WESPEC Meaning

In order to produce a high-quality welding consumables product, Many parameters should be considered. In all quality management systems, the welding process is always a special process among industries.

Welding processes is applied in industries like Oil& Gas, petrochemical, Construction, Automobile manufacturing, Military industry, shipbuilding industry… 

For example, a welded section in a pressure vessel  will be approved by an inspector if the following items are done correctly:


1) The base metal is compatible with the filler metal

2) The connection design is correct

3) Welding is performed correctly

4) Pre and Post weld treatment is done correctly

5) The quality of the welding consumable used


The most important case is number five, Because even if the first 4 items are done well, without using a quality welding consumable, the welded part will not be approved.

How producers of welding consumables could produce high quality welding products which will be approved according to the international standards and have competitive advantages?

To be a leading company in welding industries, special attention to product basket and aftersales services should be taken into account.

Wespec with their experienced engineers and extensive knowledge of welding consumables production from procedure qualification to quality control and quality assurance during the manufacturing process will provide you a condition to be a leader group in your market sectors.