Details of Formulation for Welding Consumables

When we refer to the formulation of welding consumables, It means that after performing the theoretical calculations, a definitive answer will be reached by performing practical tests.

Welding consumables design is a scientific and engineering process. For example in the covered electrode manufacturing process, The coating formulation needs to be carefully engineered.

To achieve the type of material and its exact amount, we need sufficient knowledge and ability to solve a complicated issue in science like Metallurgy, Chemistry, Physic, Thermodynamics and understanding the Equations and reactions in fields such as slag and melt reactions, phase diagrams, heat transfer reactions, Chemical sweep reactions, Calculations in presence of elements in the weld metal .also we need Computer Modeling to predict the final result.

Moreover, after reaching the theoretical conclusion, Numerous practical tests are required to ensure results. Perform multiple tests during formulation calculation as well as post-tests needs Laboratory equipment and test machines include  (Fig D0):


Tests for Approve Welding Consumables-D0

It is also important to know the exact specifications of the powders which are used in the formula. with the exact formulation, if there is no information on the exact specifications of the raw material, it is not possible to produce high-quality products. In addition, following the proper production instructions, it is very important to achieve the correct result.

WESPEC team will help you to produce a quality product by knowing knowledge of each product:


1-Covered Electrodes

2-Submereged Arc Welding Flux

3-Submereged Arc Welding Wire

4-GMAW Wire

5-GTAW Wire

6-FCAW Wire

7-Cutting Wheel 

8-Abrasive and Grinding Wheel