Talking with HP’s head of metal 3D printing

source: The Fabricator

In a wide-ranging interview at FABTECH 2019, the Global Head of HP Inc.’s 3D Metals division, Dr. Tim Weber, spoke enthusiastically about how the company’s binder-jet technology is used across the company’s many lines of printers, from $100 home units to large, $10-million graphics printers to the new HP Metal Jet 3D printing system.

“The key is we have an inkjet-technology printhead that’s basically the same in all those printers,” he said. “We’re vertically integrated, and we’ve always kept that [technology] in-house.”

Other topics Weber discussed with Additive Report Editor Don Nelson include:

• What distinguishes binder-jet metal 3D printing from other techniques.

• AM’s viability as a high-volume production process.

HP Metal Jet 3D printer.